Dipti Chawla

As I strongly believe and understand the importance of the wellbeing of an individual, I co-founded WellbeingSutra.com. I believe in holistic way of living.

The Top 4 Bonafide Effects of Quarantine on Couples

The times of living together in lockdown are putting relationship to the test. Constant togetherness, doing household chores together has given them to connect and improve their relationships. They spend 24/7 together, which leads them to work on issues together, resulting in resilience and gaining compassion towards one another. Several relationship coaches have noted bona…

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Sitting is the new smoking, which is dangerous for health.

The modern-day offices are created around “sitting,” which means have to make phone calls, creating proposals/ presentations, writing e-mails, follow-ups.  Sitting for 8-10 hours per day to earn your living for copious hours may seem ordinary, but it is dangerous. Get up before your chair kills you! Sitting is absolutely an unnatural position and that…

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