Organic Farming: A Vision Towards Healthy Environment

Agriculture is an age-old practice worldwide. But the traditional methods we have been using are pollution-inducing, which is becoming a concern, considering the environment is already in a tight spot.  The following article talks about the new and organic method of farming that can substitute age-old farming practices and help lead towards a healthy life…

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How Agricultural Techniques Pollute the Environment?

Agriculture has been the biological basis of our survival on this planet for millions of years. But with modern and innovative farming techniques, agricultural pollution is becoming a serious concern. Readout in detail about its causes, effects, solutions, etc., in the following article.  Agriculture is a complex process that needs a perfect balance between crops…

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Health and Environmental Effects of Ozone Layer Depletion

The protective layer surrounding the Earth, Ozone is depleting day by day due to rapid industrialization and increased emission of chlorofluorocarbons. Apart from the harmful effects of chemicals, hiked exposure to ultraviolet rays harms us and the environment.  The following article talks about these effects, and how we can protect ourselves & the environment.  Ozone…

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