Forget Cold Drinks; Have Healthy Bael Sharbat During Summer!

In this summer, to beat the heat, a cold drink may not be a good option. Because cold drinks are neither healthy nor truly refreshful, instead, go for an organic refreshing drink like Bael sharbat that is much healthier than a cold drink.

Let’s first look into what is Bael?

Bael is a fruit that tastes sweet with a bit of bitterness. Bael or Aegle Marmelos is commonly found in the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. It mainly grows between April and May. It is also known as Golden apple, Stone apple, bitter Japanese orange, or wood apple.

How to prepare Bael sharbat?

A basic Bael sharbat recipe is simple and easy.


  1. A ripe Bael
  2. Filtered water
  3. Jaggery or sugar
  4. Black salt


  1. Break the ball by hitting it on a rigid surface.
  2. Scoop out all the pulp with a spoon, then mush it into a bowl of water.
  3. Strain out the liquid into a bowl.
  4. Again, add some more water, mush it with water, and strain the liquid in a jar.
  5. Add jaggery or sugar and Black salt according to the taste.

Note: You may also add a teaspoon of lemon juice, cumin powder, or jeera powder to improve the taste.

Why is Bael sharbat better than a cold drink?

The health benefits of Bael are countless as it has essential nutritional compounds. So, let’s look at the dietary qualities of Bael:-

  • Helps to combat cholera

Bael is rich in tannins, which help to cure cholera. Tannins also make the process of healing.

  • Provides better digestion

Bael is rich in antioxidants and fiber, which provides better digestion. Also, the laxative and anti-inflammatory properties of Bael helps to cleanse our stomach and reduces constipation.

  • Reduces Cholesterol

Studies show that regular consumption of flavanol-enriched food can significantly reduce bad cholesterol and Bael is an excellent source for flavanols that also provides better blood circulation.

  • May help with anemia

Bael is infused with a large number of irons. Irons help to double up red blood cells and hemoglobin of blood. Bael works as a blood purifier that is very beneficial for anemics.

  • Promotes skin health

Due to the anti-inflammatory properties of Bael, it treats itchy, bumpy skin. And also, it reduces redone. As Bael is a good source of vitamin c, it repairs the skin barrier and provides healthy skin.

Though the cold drink is an easy option to be a summer’s refreshment, regular consumption of a glass of Bael sharbat comes with a long list of health benefits. Also, for fitness enthusiasts, cold drinks may be the wrong choice as they are packed with vast amounts of sugar.

This summer, refresh your body with a glass of Bael sharbat.

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