Global Wind Day 2021: Discovering Power of Wind Energy

Global Wind Day or World Wind Day is an annual celebration of discovering wind energy, reshaping the energy system, and boosting employment and growth globally. It is held on June 15 by European Wind Energy Association & Global Wind Energy Council. Follow up the below article to know all about the day in detail. 

Since the resources are depleting quickly from our planet, we need to look out for sustainable and renewable sources to ensure the smooth running of life. Wind energy is a form of solar power, an essential and enormous contribution to sustainable development.

Wind power is the method of generating electricity through wind. Kinetic energy is converted into mechanical or electric power through wind turbines to charge electric generators, pumping water, etc. 

Some of the advantages of indulging in wind power are: 

  • An inexhaustible source of energy

Winds blow because of heating the atmosphere and Earth’s rotation. Hence, winds are forever blowing, and we can use them to generate power without worrying about it running out. 

Wind power and urban landscape Free Photo
  • Low running cost

Since the fuel used to generate wind energy is free, it saves us from the price fluctuations of resources in the future, and we can make it available to all at a low cost. 

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  • Efficient use of land

Wind power plants use minimal land for their setup, which makes its installation easier and cost-effective. In addition, most of the plants are in rural areas that boost their economy significantly. 

Wind turbines in the field Premium Photo
  • More job opportunities

Renewable technology is more labor-intensive than fossil fuel technologies, which opens multiple job options in the domestic market. 

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  • Cleaner fuel source 

Wind power does not emit greenhouse gases, unlike other power plants that produce energy through fossil fuel combustion. However, this combustion is the leading reason for increasing health and economic issues. 

Aerial view of wind turbine generators in field producing clean ecological electricity. Premium Photo

Every year countries participate in the global event by organizing multiple seminars, programs, parades, wind plants visit, campaigns, etc., through schools, institutes, colleges to educate students on the importance of adapting natural, renewable, and a widespread energy source. 

This year Wind Energy councils globally want to focus on the following objectives:

  1. Acknowledging children and adults about achieving sustainability through wind power. 
  1. To inform them of the advantages of wind power and why they are better than its substitute fossil fuel power. 
  1. Setup more wind power plants to boost employment and economic growth. 

How can we participate?

EWEA & GWEC organizes different and exciting events worldwide to celebrate wind power and spread awareness. For example, in 2018, they launched a global photography competition to capture the power of the wind. 

In 2019, a photography competition, “Future Winds,” was conducted, which saw participation from more than 50 countries. 

Although we cannot celebrate Global Wind Day with the same zest because of the pandemic, we can still find ways to show our support and contribution, considering COVID-19 guidelines. 

Wind turbine with solar panel on hill and sunshine background. concept clean energy power in nature Premium Photo

India has seen massive growth in producing affordable wind power over the decade. As a result, India has also managed to install 38.789 GW capacity of energy, ranking fourth in wind power installed capacity globally.

India has set targets to spread wind energy’s wings far out till 2022, considering the increasing demand for electricity and political pressure. But multiple reports have shown that the central government is lagging in climbing up the target ladder due to various challenges. 

India has tremendous potential and an open market, which needs a nudge for the wind energy projects to fly. The government is trying to establish new policies & guidelines to re-power the country’s potential, and hopefully, it will bring out positive results for everyone soon. 

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