How Can Green Space (Nature) Impact Your Metabolism?

Stress, tension, anxiety have become quite common in today’s world. However, various studies have found that green space can help with them. Would you like to know how it works? If yes, then keep reading!

Green space means an open area covered with grass, trees, bushes, shrubs, etc. It could be anything starting from a backyard to a park, school ground, playground, community gardens, vegetation, either public or private. 

The idea behind building urban green space was to:

  1. Provide urban community access to nature, and biodiversity is maintained.
  1. Provide good health and improve the metabolism of people living in urban areas. 
  1. Mitigate the risk of severe weather changes.
  1. Reduce air and noise pollution.
  1. The quality of urban living is enhanced. 

Various surveys and researches were conducted to check how being exposed to nature affects one’s health directly and indirectly. It was concluded that being in nature and inhaling fresh air influences an individual’s overall health. 

An individual is healthy when he is physically, mentally, and socially fit. The surprising thing is we can attain this overall fitness if we spend time in and with nature. 

  • Physical Health

For well-functioning, we need to be active and charged. So, whenever we are in a green space, we tend to do some physical activity that can help us maintain the body and operate efficiently. You don’t need to do any rigorous, calorie-burning exercise or workout. Go out for a walk or jogging so that your muscles move, and you don’t feel tired or sleepy all day.

  • Mental Health

Exposure to urban green spaces generates cognitive, psychological, physiological benefits that help stay stress-free and mentally charged. Regular visits in nature can relieve you from negative feelings and can also reduce aggression and crime. Also, studies have said that a brief exposure has a beneficial impact on the attention and memory of healthy individuals. Go out, sit there for a while, enjoy the view; it will be a nice break from crippling anxiety.

  • Social Health 

A study conducted by Kuo and Coley found that people who spend more time in nature connect us to a larger world. We meet new people in these spaces, where we can develop social connections that can help us in responding better to stressful situations. A study by the University of Illinois stated that buildings that tress and gardens have a stronger sense of unity, concern, and support for each other.

Green space is a blessing for city slickers like us, who don’t have time to breathe with their hectic routine. But not anymore! Take out time from your schedule, go out, and spend some time in nature. Fresh air, chirping birds, peaceful environment will uplift your mood and health. 

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