Misconceptions About Asthma – #WorldAsthmaDay

Despite the fact that around 10 million people per year have Asthma in India, there are many myths still floating in the air about it. It’s high time to quash these misconceptions and know the accurate facts. If you are preferential in understanding the facts and myths about Asthma, keep scrolling!

Asthma is a life-long lung problem in children and adults under which a person has difficulty breathing because of inflation, swelling, narrowing, and production of extra mucus in the airways. It can further trigger coughing, whistling sound, shortening of breath, etc. It may vary from mellow to severe, which can lead to a life-threatening attack. 

Young girl having an asthma attack and using an inhaler sitting in a sofa at home Premium Photo

Let’s shed light on some myths surrounding Asthma till today, and clear the air around them.

  • Myth: Asthma is just in your head

        Fact: Asthma is a severe lung disease

Although Asthma attacks do trigger due to anxiety or stress; however, it is a physiological condition and not psychological. Some common reasons for inflammation in the lungs are pollen, dust, pollution, smoke, cold air, etc., which may vary from person to person.

Asthmatic woman using inhaler from an asthma attack in park Premium Photo
  • Myth: Asthmatics can’t exercise

       Fact: Exercise improves Asthma control

It is a common belief that exercising can aggravate Asthma. But the proven fact is exercising intend to strengthen the lungs, which can help fight Asthma better. Aside from strenuous workouts, exercising improves the overall health of the patient, and avoid Asthma flare-ups.

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  • Myth: Asthma is only treated when symptoms show up

       Fact: Constant medication is the key to control Asthma

The medication under it differs from situation to situation. Few medicines are prescribed to relieve pain during attacks, while some are taken regularly due to the severe and long-term nature of the disease. Hence, never forget to take your medicines on time, even if you are feeling well. 

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  • Myth: Children can outgrow Asthma

        Fact: It is a life-long disease

The severity and frequency of attacks can reduce with the passing time, but the disease never truly disappears. However, growing up, attacks might not flare up at triggers, i.e., decreasing sensitivity, and you might go a long period without any symptoms, but they can trigger and reappear anytime. 

Portrait of a boy using an asthma inhaler to treat inflammatory diseases, shortness of breath. the concept of treatment for cough, allergies, respiratory tract disease. Premium Photo
  • Myth: Asthma medicines are habit-forming

       Fact: Asthma medicines are safe and not addictive

The medicines are meant to relax your muscles around the airways and widen them. Inhalers and oral drugs are not addictive but help to control and improve Asthma. However, the essential thing to remember is always asking the doctor before using an inhaler or taking any other medicine to relieve the pain.

Doctor writes medical prescription for asthma inhaler to asthmatic patient during medical consultation and examination in hospital. healthcare Premium Photo

Asthma is manageable with proper medication, a doctor’s prescription, and a healthy lifestyle. Knowing the correct facts about Asthma and dispelling these misconceptions can mark a difference in the life of an Asthma patient.

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