Summer Hair Care Routine and Tips

In summer, the scorching heat and humidity can make hair roots weaker. As a result, hair can become dry and frizzy. To avoid these different kinds of problems, here are some hacks that will save your hair and flaunt your hair without any worries this summer.

Let’s beat the heat with the following tips:-

  • Cover up Your Hair

Your hair needs protection from UVB and UVA, as these might cause premature greying. Also, eventually, it can damage your hair. So before stepping outside, cover your hair from harsh sun rays. You may use a hat or scarf as a hair guard.

  • Choose a Wide-Tooth Comb

When hair is wet, it becomes breakable very quickly. Combing with a short toothbrush may trigger more hair fall. So comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb to avoid breakages. Brush your hair when it is semi-dry. Also, avoid excess brushing as this may cause damage to the scalp.

  • Hot Oil Rubbing before Wash Up

Before washing, give your hair a good hot oil massage. It will help to improve blood circulation and relaxation. As a result, after shampooing, your hair becomes soft and shiny.

  • Avoid Excessive Washing

Excessive washing of your hair may cause dryness and dehydration. Also, this may cause frizziness. To avoid these, wash your hair once, twice a week. It is enough for a clean and healthy scalp.

  • All You Need is a “GOOD CONDITIONER”

After washing up, hair becomes dry and brittle. To regain the shine and to lock the moisture, a good conditioner is all you need. A good conditioner should contain shea butter, argan oil, vitamin B5, Cetearyl alcohol, etc., as key ingredients. So before investing, check the ingredient list to find your ideal conditioner.

  • Say NO to Blow-Drying

Avoid blow-drying as this may cause irreparable damage to your hair. Not only in summer, in every season, try to go with natural stylings. Still, if you prefer blow drying, try to avoid its regular use. And make sure to use heat-protecting sprays before using any tools.

  • Take Care of Your Eating Habits

External care is not enough for healthy, shiny hair. To achieve strong hair, you need to take care of your diet too. Include greens, leafy foods, proteins like eggs, and fatty fish in your regular diet. In snacks, you may include Nuts and seeds too. These will help to strengthen hair internally.

  • Hydration is MUST

Internal hydration is a must. It not only helps for healthy hair but also maintains the overall health of the body. Hydrate your body internally, as this will help to cleanse out all the toxins. Try to finish two to three bottles of water daily.

Follow the above hacks regularly. These hair hacks will help you to sort out your summer hair care routine. 

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