Tahira Kashyap on Her Battle with Breast Cancer

Tahira Kashyap is a famous book writer, filmmaker, and wife of Bollywood star, Ayushman Khurana. She had recently recovered from breast cancer, with which she was diagnosed in 2018. After her recovery, she had been open about her journey in overcoming cancer and even released an audio show about the same.

Cancer is a deadly disease, and no one can understand what the sufferer goes through when he or she is alone and keeps thinking about what to do or what will happen next? Overthinking creates a mess in the mind, and one develops many doubts about themselves.

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Something like this happened with Tahira as well when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She disclosed that she also went blank and was confused about life. Listening to other’s experiences was devastating for her. Still, with support from the family and her own strong will, she overcomes every obstacle, from social criticism to bodily changes, till she stood back on her feet again.

Social media is not a comfortable place for celebrities to survive. Everything they post will have mixed reactions even if shared with a pure intention. Something similar happened when Tahira shared her experience with the world by posting her bald pictures, scars, etc., especially when everyone tells you not to disclose it to anyone. She said that she intended to spread awareness about breast cancer and to love yourself in every condition. Some people did not appreciate her pictures and criticized her, but she disclosed that criticism motivated her to share her experience.

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When she was questioned about her opinion of beauty, she said that it has made her realize that outer beauty does not matter. If we are happy, we radiate the same happiness to others. So, instead of hiding from reality, it is better to accept it. Because if we don’t admire it, no one else will also appreciate it.

Normalizing going bald to her sons was also a challenge for Tahira. She revealed that her son was embarrassed about her bald head and told her not to accompany him to the park or ask her to wear a cap. However, at the park, when she talked with everyone with the same energy as before, which others also reciprocated, making her son’s embarrassment vanish, and everything becomes normal.

Tahira Kashyap wishes to 'instil awareness, not fear' about breast cancer

With what Tahira has shared about her cancer journey, she has become an inspiration for many women suffering from the same problem worldwide. Just like her, you can also become a strong and independent woman. You only have to start listening to your heart, and you will be able to do everything.

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