What’s Better? Buying Less or Buying Green?

With the increasing population, consumption & demands are also increasing. It has started to become the leading reason for the catastrophic changes in the environment globally. That’s why it is essential to discuss how consumers’ demands and consumption affect the planet’s health. If you want to know, then keep scrolling!

Modern-day thinking is that the more stuff we have, the happier we are. Plus, consumerism is the basis for the economic growth of a country. However, we have to think about the impact consumerism culture makes on our lives and the life of the Earth? We have to make few sustainable changes in our lives if we want to tackle the climatic changes waiting for us. For this, a concept of Buy Less & Buy Green was introduced. 

First, let’s get familiar with what is Buy Less and Buy Green?

Buy Less means reusing or repairing the products instead of replacing them. It also includes reducing consumption by stopping impulse purchasing and buying unnecessary items.

Buy Green means purchasing products that are made considering nature and the environment. It includes buying sustainably efficient products, like solar power plants, recycling the goods, etc.

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Both of them have their benefits. The purpose behind these two activities is to make better use of the limited resources & improve efficiency, keeping in mind the needs of the future generation, reducing resource wastage, provides long-term cost benefits, and protecting the mother Earth from further damage. 

Whether we should buy less or buy Green was answered by Sabrina Helm through a study published in the journal Young Consumers. According to the research, consumers who buy less tend to live happier than consumers who buy green, environment-friendly products.


The reason behind this idea is that even if you are buying sustainable green products, you are stuck in the circle of materialism, which tends to increase anxiety and depression. 

The study found that green product buyers cannot reduce their consumption because they can fulfill their desires to buy more with the products available in the market. 

But those who started to buy less were able to reduce their consumption. Also, as per the research, consuming less is associated with increased personal wellbeing and decreasing psychological tension, which was not seen with green buyers. 

If you buy less, you will feel content and free. Slowly, you will realize that your “thrill” to purchase new goods is disappearing, and you will start to feel satiate and pleased with what you have. Also, with it, you will stop comparing yourself with others, which is usually the main reason for excessive consumption and buying.

It can be concluded that along with focusing on what is crucial for you with buying less, you also contribute to making the environment better.

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