Why is Solar Energy Important?

We know how Sun is the natural source of light on Earth. But ever wondered why we don’t put that free light to use much? If no, then the following article can help you understand why solar energy is essential and why we should install it at our places. 

First, let’s understand what Solar energy is?

Solar energy is the heat radiating from the Sun, converted into thermal or electric energy through technical advancements. The energy rendered is put for multiple uses in every economic sector, i.e., domestic, industrial, and commercial. 

Solar panels in the rays of sunrise. concept of sustainable resources Premium Photo

There are four common types of systems in which solar energy is used primarily:

  • Photovoltaic system
  • Solar water heating system
  • Solar power plants
  • Passive solar heating

With time, a sustainable lifestyle is not just an initiative; it is becoming necessary if we want to live and let the coming generation live freely and in a safe environment. Therefore, solar power is becoming a fast trend & one of the best ways to achieve environmental sustainability, which is also pocket-friendly. 

Following are some basis why you should go solar instead of using fossil fuels:-

  • Assures good environmental health

Solar or wind power is a clean and green source of energy. It uses Earth’s natural resources that do not emit greenhouse gases, which contributes to global warming. It does not require anything that can pollute the planet. It does not release a toxic substance in the air that can acidify air quality and people’s health. 

It is a non-contaminating energy source as it does not generate any waste that can pollute land and water, which makes it perfect for saving hydrological resources. 

Solar panels and wind turbines generating electricity in power station green energy renewable with blue sky. natural resource conservation concept. Premium Photo
  • Less electricity loss

Electricity travels through extensive networks till it reaches us. The traveling distance leads to power loss, which sometimes results in light interruptions. That’s why solar panels are installed on the rooftop so that the networking is cut short. It will lead to less power interruption, and you will able to control usage and bill. 

Aerial view of solar photovoltaic panels on a roof top of residential building block for producing clean electric energy. autonomous housing concept. Premium Photo
  • Cost-effective source of energy

With the advancing technologies, researchers are trying to reduce the cost of solar panels, which is intimidating for many of us now. But we need to know that it is a one-time investment, unlike a fixed monthly conventional electricity bill. Hence, investing in solar panels now can benefit the Earth and us in the long term. 

Businesswomen working on checking equipment at solar power plant with tablet checklist Premium Photo
  • Reliable and renewable source of energy

Fossil fuels are bound to run out in the future, and without them, conventional electricity cannot be produced. But sunlight is inexhaustible, making it conveniently reliable. Hence, opt for solar power as it can adapt to natural cycles, does not burn fuels, and renew itself. 

Solar panels in aerial view. posolar panels in aerial view. power farm producing clean energy Premium Photo
  • Stimulates economic growth

With the rising calls for solar panels, the need for companies and workers to install them will spur. The rise in employment will boost the economic growth of a country. America is creating 17 times faster jobs in solar energy than its overall economy. India also managed to create 1,15,000 employment opportunities in 2018.

Foreman and businessman at solar energy station. Free Photo

Revving the engine of the solar energy system can fuel India’s Atma Nirbhar mission which focuses on making India self-reliant by promoting local business people and manufacturers. 

India is set to achieve 100 GW from solar energy. But we depend on import to set up the hardware. Made in India mission will boost local manufacturers, which will reduce the dependence on imports, and India will be able to succeed in its goal independently. 

Solar energy is self-sufficient and a more accessible path to attain sustainability. Therefore, if you want to contribute towards a healthy, safe, clean, and greener environment, start installing solar panels from your place before it escalates and becomes unfixable. 

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