Best hair oils to use this summer

Oiling hair is an age-old practice to have nourishing, smooth, and strong hair. However, oiling in this heat is not preferable. Don’t worry! You can still oil your hair if you choose the correct oil. That’s why we have come up with few oils you can use this summer to have healthy hair.

Our hair needs protection from the UV rays; otherwise, they get dry, oily, or dirty in just a few minutes after we step out. Natural essential oils are great for stimulating hair growth, strengthening roots, and combating hair fall.

Here is the list of some essential oil to use in the summer season for hair care:-

  • Coconut oil

It has anti-fungal properties, which help to repair hair damage and protect them from sun heat. Being packed with essential vitamins and minerals, consistently applying it helps hair growth and leaves behind a beautiful shine.

  • Almond oil

Eating almonds is healthy and makes our minds sharp, so why not use their nourishing properties for hair also? Using almond oil regularly in summer helps to reduce split-ends and hair fall. It gets easily absorbed and locks moisture in hair and scalp.

  • Argan oil

Frizzy hair? Not anymore! Say goodbye to it with argan oil. It can help you treat frizz as it is full of fatty acids like oleic acid. It penetrates the roots quickly, making them firmer and tangling moisture in them.

  • Grapeseed oil

It is non-greasy oil, which prevents dandruff and hair thinning. It is loaded with vitamin E that is good for treating weak or brittle hair. Daily applying grapeseed oil stimulates hair cells, which helps with reducing and also preventing hair loss.

  • Olive oil

We all love to use olive oil in our food and salad dressings. Well, apart from making food tasty and healthy, it also makes our hair nourished and beautiful. You don’t need to condition your hair if you use olive oil before shampooing. So, treat your dry hair by applying it with some lemon juice 30 to 45 minutes before washing hair.

  • Lemon oil

It is an antibacterial oil, which is good for greasy hair and dandruff. The acidity in the lemon helps to clear the scalp. So, make sure to rub the oil properly on the scalp to free your hair from dandruff.

  • Chamomile oil

Chamomile is an excellent source to cure scalp problems and dryness. Also, a healthy and clean scalp will help to make the roots strong. It also provides softness and luster to the hair.

Before using any oil, you should remember that every hair type is different, so it might not work as same for everyone. Therefore, check the suitability of the oil before bringing it into use.

So, go on and look for these oils and start using them to have beautifully naturally nourished hair this season.

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