Food Items to Avoid During the Summer Season

With the rising mercury, and the weather becoming more and more ablaze, we feel lethargic all day, which increases the chances of falling ill. Along with it, having certain food items can worsen health. We have listed those items for you, so if you want to know, keep reading!

The temperature of the body increases when we are under the hot sun all day. We try to avoid the sun in various ways and keep our bodies chilled and relaxed. But in between, we forget that there are few food items, which are warm by nature, and we eat them during this season—eating those leads to increased temperature of the body, which can later affect our health and cause various diseases.

The following are the foods and drinks you must know and not include in your routine diet to stay fit this summer:-

  • Oily and fried junk food

Not only in summer, eating oily and fried junk food in excess is unhealthy at any time of the year. Having greasy junk food regularly can lead to various problems like food poisoning, obesity, etc.

  • Spice

While spices like cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, chilies, etc., enhance the smell & taste of our food, eating them in extra amounts can heat the body, making you feel low and dehydrated all day.

  • Meat

It might be difficult for some hard-core non-vegetarians to avoid or limit eating meat. But it is necessary for your health as it is not easily digestible, makes you feel heavy and bloated, and we know that being lazy can lead to various sicknesses.

  • Control your mango cravings

You might not be happy to see mangoes on the list since mango and summer go hand in hand, but sadly it’s true! Mangoes are of a hot quotient; that’s why eating them in surplus can cause issues like stomach aches, headaches, diarrhea, etc.

  • Hot beverages and alcohol

For some of us, tea and coffee are necessary drinks to function in the morning. But keep in mind that drinking them too much can cause dehydration. On the other hand, while cocktails are chilled, only a glass or two can warm the body, leading to lowering immunity, liver problems, etc.

  • Dry fruits

Eating dry fruits like dates, almonds, raisins, apricots, etc., is healthy for your body as they are rich in nutrients. But remember to go easy on them during the summer season since they are also of the warm quotient. Consuming them will shoot up your body temperature when it is already hot outside.

If you desire to stay fit and healthy during this blistering weather and avoid any ailment, try to stay away from the above-listed items. And instead, eat water and a fiber-rich food, which is easily digestible.

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