Tips to Have Beautiful Hair during Summer

Who doesn’t love long, shiny, and smooth hair? But as the summer starts, our hair goes from being silky soft to dried and fried. But not anymore! As we have got your hair protected with the below tips and suggestions.

Dermatologists say that not the skin but the hair can also get damaged if exposed to UV rays and cholerine water for a long time. We often feel that our scalp is itchy, hair is losing volume, hair is dry & frizzy, and other problems like split ends, brittleness, dandruff, pigmentation, etc.

Those who color hair need to take a tad extra care of their hair as the scorching sun tends to lighten your hair’s shade and make it look bleachy and brassy. Since this hair is most chemically induced, you need to choose the products wisely and smartly.

The following are some ways and items you can shield your hair and make them look silky smooth again:-

  • Cover it up!

Remember, whenever you are stepping out of the house, you are always wearing a cap, hat, or scarf, so that the hair is not in direct contact with the sun, dust, or pollution. It will also help to maintain moisture in your scalp.

  • Reduce heat

Using a hair straightener or curling iron burns the hair and makes it look more dry and damaged. Also, avoid using a blow dryer as much as possible since the hair will naturally dry in the summer heat.

  • Tie them loosely

We all love to keep the hair open or try out different, uptight, and sleek hairstyles. But remember that tightly tying hair can damage the hair roots, and they break often. Similarly, loose hair gets easily tangled, which leads to further hair shedding. So, try to tie them in a loose pony and bun to protect them from external damage.

  • Apply curd

As we know that eating curd cools our body from the inside; applying it to hair can make your scalp chilled and moisturized. It can help with dryness, dandruff, itchiness and adds radiance and shine to it. Just apply it for 25 to 30 minutes before washing the hair with a mild shampoo. It will make your hair look soft and nourished.

  • Use natural conditioners

Instead of using the market-available conditioners, use kitchen ingredients that can condition your hair naturally. Items like honey, egg yolk, aloe vera gel, banana, mayonnaise, etc., will protect your hair from sun damage, moisturize them, and help gives them their bounce and length back.

So, if you want to keep your hair happy and healthy without any chemically induced products and treatments, don’t forget to add & follow these things in your daily hair care routine.

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