How is Natural Gas Bringing Revolutionary Benefits to the Environment?

With the increasing population, demand for fuel is also touching the sky. However, the excessive use of non-renewable energy and burning fossil fuels have raised environmental concerns that cannot be neglected. It is putting the Earth in a tight spot, and instant actions are needed.

The following blog post talks about an alternative fuel, which has brought a revolutionary change in the environment and a positive impact on the country’s economy.  

Compressed Natural Gas and Piped Natural Gas are the reliable, affordable, easy-to-use, and safe gases that are helping to fuel the transportation and household of India without disrupting the ecological balance. 

Here are some advantages of CNG and PNG that make them a good and better choice for our planet. 

Benefits of CNG

  • CNG is a clean fuel that emits fewer chemicals than fossil fuel, leading to global warming, acid rain, smog, etc. 
  • CNG is lighter than air, making it a safe fuel. In addition, the gas is stored in seamless cylinders, reducing the chances of leakage.
  • The vehicles running on CNG have less operational cost as it saves around 50% more than gasoline, diesel, etc. 
  • Since CNG is already in a gaseous state, they don’t experience vapor locking and can start quickly in any weather. 
  • CNG has been seen to increase the life of lubricating oil as it does not contaminate the engine oil.
  • CNG vehicles run on both petroleum & natural gas. 

Benefits of PNG

  • PNG is a green fuel that can reduce pollution significantly in comparison to emissions from burning woods.
  • PNG is an affordable gas in which you have to pay for what you use. 
  • It is convenient and provides an uninterrupted gas supply, unlike LPG, where you have to book and wait for the delivery. 
  • PNG is easy to use, and there is no hassle of handling & changing the heavy gas cylinder every now & then.
  • Since PNG is supplied directly to the household through pipelines, you don’t have to worry about storage or accidental leak from the cylinder. 

Along with helping the environment, the country’s economy is boosting with increased natural gas use. The government of India is targeting to raise the share of natural gas to 15% by 2030, which is approximately 6% now. 

Gas companies like Gujrat Gas, GAIL, Adani Gas are stepping forward to help the company raise its share of natural gas. Gujarat Gas being India’s best city gas distribution company has a network in 19 districts of Gujrat. And it has now spread its wings to Maharashtra and Dadar Nagar, and Haveli. 

PNG-Amritsar | Gujarat Gas
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In consortium with Indian Oil Corporation Ltd, Adani Gas is also setting up its distribution station in Allahabad, Daman, Panipat, etc. 

Natural gas is abundant, pocket-friendly, and a clean source of fuel that will keep us and the environment healthy from near to long term, making it worth a shot.  

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