Must-Try Natural DIY Summer Beauty Products

Summer heat brings a lot of sweating, sunburn, blemished skin, etc., along with it. That’s why taking care of the skin is essential during the summer season. The article below has some homemade DIY products that can help you with the same.

Using heavy cosmetics during summer is not suitable for the skin. It makes the pores in your skin close, and air will not cross from your face, making it dull, dirty, and dry. So, instead of using these chemical products on your skin, why not make them from home ingredients.

These DIY products will be far better and nourishing than the products available in the market.

  • Hydrating face mist

Face mist is an everyday requirement and can be made easily at home with rosewater, aloe vera gel, coconut water, etc.

Mix any of the above items with essential oil of your choice like lemon, primrose, etc. Add all the items in a spritz bottle along with water and few drops of vitamin E oil, and it’s done. Store the mist in the refrigerator to keep it fresh.

  • Peppermint foot scrub

In between taking care of every part of the body, we often forget about our feet. That’s why we have come with a simple foot scrub that will clean your feet.

Take mint leaves, salt, peppermint/olive/coconut oil, and mix it in a bowl. Rub your feet for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing them with lukewarm water.

  • DIY lip balm

For moisturized lips, you can make a quick lip balm with Vaseline or beeswax. Also, if you want a tinted one, you can use berries, beetroot, etc. Remember to keep it in the fridge for not more than a week since it doesn’t have preservatives.

  • Coconut moisturizing lotion

Moisturizing cream is a must during this time, as it can quickly lose hydration and make it dry. Here is an easy way to make moisturizers at home with coconut oil, essential oil, shea butter, and vitamin oil. Whip them all together, and store them in a clean bottle. It will keep your skin soft & bouncy all day.

  • Aloe vera & yogurt hair conditioner

Aloe vera and curd can make your hair look silky, smooth, and shiny without any beauty treatment. Mix the gel in curd, and keep it for half an hour before rinsing it off with a mild shampoo. You don’t have to condition your hair also after it.

 Please note that all the above-listed ingredients might not suit your skin. So, before trying onto anything, make sure that you don’t have any allergy from them, as it might cause rashes, skin infection, etc.

Try out these home remedies to protect yourself from the summer heat and the daily skincare routine, and try to avoid artificial beauty products as much as possible.

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